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Accelerated Manifestation

July 17, 2015

We are entering a time of instant manifestation, where what we believe, say and think does manifest instantly. There are higher requirements, a higher price. How we live…we being those that have accepted the call to walk the earth as His Body in reality, doing His work of loving people. All we do is manifesting and fast,  how else could He bring miracles to the earth realm-they are instant. The only thing we need to crave at this time is God and God manifested to people. A door to the enemy can bring immediate manifestation also. It’s very important that we ask Holy Spirit for His help on our drives, pulls and how and with what we fill our time. It’s a time of high acceleration and manifestation- we can’t allow ourselves to be deviated by wasting time and unaware open doors to the enemy. Listening to the wrong song can be a door opening. Realize quick and turn your way, ask for Holy Spirit’s help. Without Him it would all be only your best human effort and the change will not be permanent as if we ask Him in.
Ask and allow Holy Spirit to change all in your life if He wanted to. Why holding on to something that you do not have anyway?
For some it will mean different things. If you walk in light, there is always more light to come close to. He may even want to change eating patterns or foods to give you more strength. Or make up or clothing…be flexible. Do not hold to what you are used to, to what you like. Things are changing at an accelerated pace. Trust Him, you win going His way. Go all the way.

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