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Who is really our enemy?

June 29, 2015

Our enemies are not people. Our enemy is not the brother or sister. People are victims of the enemy. Evil uses people against God and His purposes, what we see is the people but the real enemy is what is directing them from behind the scenes, in the invisible world.
2Cor. 10:4
Evil uses people in the degree they let it, consciously or not. The closer a person is to God, the less chances they will have to be used by evil. We need to be on our guard, vigilant, watching, alert all the time. When we are not alert we can fall in the flesh and that gives a chance to evil. Evil will try to use anybody, even people going to church. I have known people (a couple) that even going to church and seeking God in their heart, evil was using him to forbid her to go to church and come closer to God, long time ago. Today he is a pastor and tells of this testimony.

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