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“Jesus, show us the Father”

June 29, 2015

We get to know part of who a person is by what they do, by their actions.
One of the ways to get to know God is by seeing what He has done, His actions.
If we see Jesus actions we, we will see the will of the Father.
God is love and that is a fact that can be seen in His action of giving us Jesus.
If you know Jesus, you will know God. John 14:7.
Knowing Jesus means having seen Him.
Knowing God means having seen Him. (Not necessarily with physical eyes).
Jesus says in verse 7, from now on you know the Father and have seen Him.
Verse know Jesus is to know the Father.
Whoever sees Jesus -has seen the Father. John 14:9.
Whoever sees the works of Jesus -sees the works of The Father.
Verse 10 Jesus said that He did speak and did the works of the Father.
Verse 11 Jesus says…otherwise believe me because of what I have been doing.
The words Jesus spoke came from the Father, Who sent Him. John 6:29.
Jesus said He could do nothing of His own, except what He saw The Father doing because all The Father does, He does it also. John 5:19.
John 14:31 Jesus did what the Father commanded Him, to show the world He loved the Father and to give us an example and out of His own love for us.

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