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Guardians of the temple.

June 29, 2015

Our bodies are His temple, where He resides.
We need to take care of our body. Our body is organic and nourishes from food. The type and amount of food we eat has a direct effect on the body. We can’t think that we can treat our body without care and expect God to take care of it supernaturally for us. Thinking that is like the person who says they will throw themselves from a 10 floor building and expect God to protect them by not having a single scratch. That would be a defying attitude. I’m not saying that if someone falls accidentally God cannot help them. He can and will help them. It is our responsibility to take care of His temple. God won’t do it for you.
If we don’t eat bad food and eat good food, after a short while only you can notice the great change. You will notice more vitality, more strength. Food will taste better. You will be able to taste the natural sugar in fruits that you couldn’t taste before.
Food is directly connected to health.
Food affects our connection to spirit, of being more perceptive, more spiritually aware. If not, why did God invent fasting?…when we fast our spirits are more alert and connected to Him.
Looking better is not a goal-it is a side effect of taking good care (guarding) of His temple.
We have freedom and I choose my freedom to take care of this temple where He lives so that I will fulfill the commission of destiny He ordered for me to do in this planet with added years of life in better shape and strength to serve Him. Or giving Him more years to use a body for His work on earth.

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