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Being Thankful to God.

June 29, 2015

Something so simple as thankfulness opens the door to God’s life.
God showed me recently that unthankfulness is rebellion, and this opens the door to death. Very simple and very powerful.
Sin brings death, both spiritual and physical. Romans 3:23
Not only visible sin can bring death. Hidden sins like unforgiveness and unthankfulness are as dangerous as any sin.
God open my eyes so I could see a little more. I repented of all unthankfulness, closing that door.
By being thankful to Him for my life, for all the little I have and am..He is able to increase whatever it is that I currently have.
By being thankful we open the door for God to bless us and multiply.
If we are thankful, God increases the little that may be at the moment. While if someone is unthankful -that is rebellion. Unthankfulness is rebellion.
I want His life running through me, my spirit, soul, body and every area of my life.

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