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Healing Methods

June 26, 2015

Naaman is told to wash in the river waters 7 times to be healed. 2Kings 5:1-14
The lost ax is recovered from the river by throwing a stick or a branch to make it float. 2Kings 6:6.
Is the river water going to heal anybody?
Is a wood stick going to make a metal float?
It doesn’t make sense. These methods in themselves have no natural logic.
The method God uses to bring a healing or miracle is not important. It is God Who heals, not the method.
The river water and the wood stick didn’t do the miracle. Those are only points of contact with no value in and of themselves and with the purpose to build faith. It’s God’s power behind the method that brings the miracle. The methods have no explanation, no logic. Obedience to His exact word is key that’s why we need to follow the method or steps or way in which He wants to bring the miracle. The steps or method do not bring the miracle. It’s by obeying(the method or steps) what God is showing to do, that He brings the miracle by His power. Not by the power of the river waters or a wood stick.
It’s Him only.

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