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No one is exempt

June 25, 2015

1st. Kings 13
This man of God was at this altar in obedience to what God had told him to do.
When the king saw and heard what the man of God was doing, he stretched out his hand and ordered  “seize” him. Verse 4. But his hand, the king’s, got stiffened and he couldn’t put it back.
In verse 6 the king is begging the man of God to pray for healing for his hand. And he does pray and God restores the king’s hand. The very hand that had been against God and the man is fully healed. That’s the love of God.
The king is so thankful to the man of God that he offers him a reward. Verse 7. The man of God refuses to take anything or to go with him, in obedience to what God had told him. Verses 8-9.
The man of God starts leaving.
There was a man that invited the man of God to his house, verse 16, but the man of God refused to go also. But the interest of the man in having the man of God in his house must have been great because he lied, deceived and tricked the man of God. So the man of God went along to the man’s house. Verse 19.
In verse 24 a lion kills the man of God on the road as he was leaving. The lion didn’t kill for hunger since he stood by the dead body along with the donkey.
This shows us that it doesn’t matter how obedient we walk today, we must keep obeying daily.
Also, it shows us that God’s principles work the same and must be followed by everyone, ministers, men of God and any body that belongs to God, like there is no special treatment. If we obey we are blessed.

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