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Wisdom from on high

June 24, 2015

I have seen this movie called Limitless a few times. I’m sure more than a few people would like to release the part of our brains that we don’t use, which according to science is most part of it. Of course we…well at least me, am in complete disagreement with drugs, any kind of drug, like the one shown in this movie for example.
But..what must it feel like to know immediately what to do in all situations and to do it fast. It’s like going to a higher dimension. There is the realm of spirit in which every believer is expected to live, not just visit. We can have this combination of alertness, clarity, awareness, being in the spirit with the wisdom of God, all the time. In that realm there is fastness of thought, communication is transmitted instantly, accurately and bypassing words, many times.
And then… I got a connecting point, I  could see what attracted me of this movie.
If we tap into God’s wisdom, we will know what to do plus we will do it and fast! There it was. There was a spiritual origin to this movie. They may not know God and the drug theme is not of God.
God’s wisdom is the application, the acting out of His knowledge for any particular situation. Wisdom is not only having knowledge, it is very practical, it is acting God’s principles.
We get wisdom by asking God. James 1:5
If we have asked for wisdom, we have gotten some.
If we are thankful for any amount of wisdom we have, God will increase it!
Let’s pray..
Thank You my God, I appreciate Your gift of wisdom given to me, increase it in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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