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Choose whatever you have. Worship God!

June 22, 2015

Worship God with your whole body not only with your hands raised.
Worship God with movements of your body, and with dancing.
Movement has vibration and vibration has sound in it. Every sound has a meaning and it creates something. If your heart is attached to God during intimate worship what you create will be from God.
Praise God lead by His Spirit. When we are in His Presence worshipping…we are creating, our worship is a real substance that He can see and smell.
This is a realm beyond words and the physical, we are directly in the Presence of God.
This creates an atmosphere to pray in power, in His glory, supernaturally, from His very Presence.
This is the place from where we create things in the spirit that produce things in the natural.
Whatever you speak there is a reality.
You choose whatever you have (In line with His word).
We can worship God with sound, not even words, with the language of your heart.
Every sound has a meaning. If you are abandoned to God and have accessed this realm of His Presence…worship and communication between God and you can be even in sounds, beyond words.
Praying in/from another realm, where all becomes reality right there and then.

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