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Praying from God’s Glory

June 22, 2015

God’s word, the Name of Jesus have so much power that we can command divine order over something always. But there is a place, a realm…that when accessed…from there it will be more powerful. We access this ‘place’ or realm through worshipping God. It’s when we get to His Presence, it’s there that we know it is a reality. Its like its knitted in your spirit. Our spirit access the spirit world of God and creates something. Something actually happens there and then. You know that what you prayed, spoke and did then, is now a reality.
We have to get there. It’s not just singing a song.
Abandon yourself to Holy Spirit, ask Him to lead and guide, it’s easy and it’s for all His people. Use the Holy Blood of Jesus first of all. You know when you are there.

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