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Major Importance in the little things

June 15, 2015

What we do, say, think, how we act and react counts for the final goal more than what we realize. It counts not so much for the reward. But all we do on a constant basis helps form us and make us who we are. If all or at least we desire that all we do and think is guided by Holy Spirit…then Christ is being formed in us. Including our reactions to the ugly deeds of our enemies toward us.
The work has to start inside of our hearts. It has to originate in right heart and right thinking for someone to have a right reaction.
This is not about controlling ourselves and our reactions. But about letting Holy Spirit do a work within us, so that what comes automatically out of us is genuine and coming from Him. What purpose would it do if someone was to “learn” all the right reactions and applied them looking as if he/she was doing the right thing but inside their heart was a totally different story. God cannot be deceived, He sees all. Thank God I have never cared enough about people’s opinions to try to win their respect by my actions. That is wasting time. We live for God only. And if we try to please Him, the right people will like us too.
A seed doesn’t become a tree overnight. God can do all. But I’ll stick to what happens naturally every day…
Naturally…a seed is sown, then the tree starts to grow invisible inside the ground until one day it starts to show tiny little branches than later will become a tree. It’s little by little. Day by day, that the work of God, that the Kingdom of God is formed in each one of us. This will happen in the exact measure that we give ourselves to God, wholly, without holding nothing back. Give your all to God. What is our all anyway? Nothing.
About living every day doing little things in the right way constantly…(even the world knows that a habit is formed by repeatedly doing an action)… It’s about doing all we do the best way we can. And the best way we can do any small or big thing is by and through the Holy Spirit. Relying in Him, inviting Him, depending on Him absolutely for all -all the time, not only when in church. It’s about an every day, every second of the day life with Him. The more we depend on Him the more we will trust Him.
I let You Spirit of the living God live Your life through me.

Matthew 10:30 New International Version (NIV)

30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Mark 9:41 International Standard Version

I tell all of you with certainty, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to the Messiah will never lose his reward.”

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