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To you my opposers..

June 5, 2015

I have always known that you, my opposers could read and read my words. I don’t back down from loving you with the love of God. You may be trying hard to cause difficulties in my way but think of this…all of you supposedly my enemies: whatever you are trying right now against me..will not prosper, will be of no avail and all of you are only causing me to draw nearer to God than what I was already. And you and your evil actions have caused to confirm my belief system in a good God and very evil devil. So thank you for your efforts in trying to destroy me.

This is what is going to happen:

1.-you have taught me to love the unlovable, the ugly and evil.
2.-that love will only increase.
3.-you have reinforced my faith, trusting God more.

Thank you, because all your intent to harm me, God has already turned it around to bless me and I will see that soon. And I will be better than if you hadn’t come against me so violently!

And now I go to the very Presence of God, in rivers of flowing joy! 😀 I had a very flowing and joyful worship!

I have forgiven you, I appreciate this opportunity to grow my love more and I ask God to soften your hearts to seek for God find Jesus and make yourselves avoid hell my dear ones.

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