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The Blood..what a mighty provision!

June 2, 2015

Sometimes we are not conscious of little things that have offended our Father. And we enter into prayer..and He has made provision for those little things and for all with the powerful Blood of Jesus.
I entered into a powerful group prayer. Prayer with the intention to change things. And then half way through I realized of the small offense to my Father and asked Him to forgive me. What happened with the previous prayers and answers? But then I felt like Him giving me these words…

How else could you pray and achieve results before you asked for forgiveness because you didn’t realize it before?

We have a mighty provision in the Blood of Jesus! All is covered. That doesn’t mean we can abuse it. We love Him and crave to do His will and obey Him. We desire to fulfill our destinies.
The blood covers even those things that we are not aware of consciously. Because we are not perfect and we do mistakes and sin when we do not want to that.
He knew it all and He provided.
Our prayers achieve results even when we are not perfect.
We should always try to become more like Jesus, every day more. The fact that we sin and are not perfect doesn’t justify staying where we are at spiritually.
We sin without wanting and unaware many times. Another thing is diving in to and living in sin.
But we are imperfect honest seekers of pleasing our Living King.

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