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Living spiritually

June 2, 2015

Living from spirit in a physical world. It requires acknowledging that there is a spirit world right here right now and that we are primarily a spirit. We walk in the spirit and not in the flesh by realizing this.
We can only operate in the supernatural if we are connected to God’s spirit world. We must live under His constant influence.
We can’t discover a life in the spirit through the body or anything in the natural world.
The people in the world cannot understand a life in the spirit because it starts in your spirit and that cannot be seen with their eyes. Some carnal christians don’t understand it either. When God has equipped them to live the same. Some churches think and preach that walking in the flesh is living in obvious sin but that is just one of the many outcomes of walking in the flesh.
A simple acknowledgement is enough sometimes. We are in the world but not of this world. We belong to the invisible world of God in heaven and also happening here. That simple acknowledging requires a certain level of being conscious, alert, aware. And we need to have been awaken. It’s sad to see that many children of God around the earth, having all this wealth given to them in spirit, cannot even see or identify it. And so the result is many churches that live according to the natural or in the flesh. Holy Spirit keep awakening our hearts to You and we unite to release an awakening of those many churches still in the flesh so they can see along with us..

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