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A strong Faith

June 1, 2015

A strong faith is not measured by how many supernatural manifested things our eyes see. When we see with our natural eyes things that are supernatural or spiritual, it comes with naturalness, it does not feel weird. It feels normal because our natural eyes are seeing that.
And if we are not careful we can miss being thankful to God.
This is what happened to God’s people in the desert. They saw the cloud every day, they saw the fire every night. But because they were seeing it with their eyes they didn’t give the proper importance to these supernatural manifestations of God. They didn’t see it was God being close to them. They kept complaining. And complaining is a sign of being in the flesh, not seeing in the spirit, lacking faith and of not believing God.
So, a physical sign of God can be missed.
Many asked us a sign and we will believe. John 6:30. It’s not necessarily like that.
People, we, need to come to God, God’s way. We come to God by faith. Heb.11:6
A strong faith is not the one that sees His supernatural manifested in the natural because that will feel as normal when it’s happening.
A strong Faith is the one that believes God when nothing is visible yet. Being fully convinced in our spirit is stronger than a physical manifestation. In many cases a physical manifestation does not build faith all by itself. In many other cases it will, like when the whole group sees a creative miracle in front of them. We can’t limit God. We can’t limit Him into saying this is like this and it is so all the time.
I believe that physical manifestations are like a little bit of God’s heart given to us, to make us feel He is close by. It’s like His tender heart. An action from His grace.
But faith is of the heart, faith is invisible, it grows in the heart independently of what we see in the natural. Faith is of the spirit. What our eyes see is already in the natural even if it was God directly Who produced it. No faith is needed to see what our eyes are seeing. That’s why Israel in the desert missed going in to their land. They couldn’t see. They had no faith even though they were seeing with their natural eyes so many supernatural manifestations. Enough for any of us to believe. For them it felt natural, it felt like they were used to that cloud and fire and rocks giving them water.

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