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Are you making a space for sin?

May 29, 2015

Where we place our focus, what are our priorities, will influence our choices and actions.
There could be these two attitudes toward sin…
1.If we provide a space for sin in our lives, then we will sin more often.
2.If we purpose to live a sin-free life we will sin less.
In both cases we are going to sin and make mistakes. I think that in the first case it will not even bother the person’s conscience, in the second case yes, since sin is something you do not want or intend to do.
Sinning, making mistakes and not being perfect is in our nature. That is why we repent, ask for forgiveness and keep on going, not walking in guilt because God has provided the Blood of Jesus.

1st John 1:7-9
But if we keep living in the light as he himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.
If we say that we do not have any sin, we are deceiving ourselves and we’re not being truthful to ourselves.
If we make it our habit to confess our sins, in his faithful righteousness he forgives us for those sins and cleanses us from all unrighteousness.

In the second example people take it lightly and say..”ah..’s in our nature. I will repent and God will forgive me anyway.” And that is true. But…
Do we really want to live close to God and please Him?
In both determinations God will forgive. He has forgiven.
The difference is in each individual’s inner attitude.
If you provide a space for you to sin and take it lightly saying it doesn’t matter, God will forgive. Yes, He will but your spiritual progress will suffer the consequence. Your advancement in the invisible and real kingdom of God will show that attitude.
If we purpose to live without sin-we will sin less, sin will be unintentional and you will progress and advance in your place in the kingdom of God.
It’s important where we place our focus. Is all you want from God in this earth? Not me. We need to see  in the spirit, we need to realize that we are eternal beings that will have eternal jobs and point in that direction. All we do here, even serving God, is but a shadow and just a training for our real eternal jobs. I want to advance, go forward in His eternal kingdom.

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