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Doing All with the Spirit of God

May 24, 2015

Doing anything with Holy Spirit will be different than alone by yourself.
When reading The Bible with Him -and we better do this since He is The Author of it- it’s so different.
We can be in one verse. We can read up to verse 9 and then He starts to show us and teach us and not pass from verse 9 for an hour- until He is done showing, revealing what He wanted to show you.
It’s just different from just plain reading non stop. Do all under His guidance. All. Even grocery lists. I ask Him -what do You want me to eat tomorrow. Trust Him. He brought something to my mind more delicious that I liked more and more healthy than what I was going to choose.
It’s complete surrender to Him. Surrendering means trusting.
He knows what you already like and He knows what is healthy and what is more fit and convenient to you..He made you. He knows. Trust Him.
Yes, we have freedom to choose among things that are plain choices, neither bad or good. A matter of preference, vanilla or chocolate?
But I choose to ask Him for little details and there I find He gives me what I like and what is best in a delicate -so accurate way- that only Him can bring.

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