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A Rich Inner Life

May 24, 2015

We are never alone, never empty, always full of God and joy of Holy Spirit if Holy Spirit is given His place in your life.
Ask Him in, it’s simple. He is waiting. He craves to be hanging out and be Your intimate Friend. Your life is not the same. Inner spiritual life will take over and be more peaceful and the strongest, ruling your natural life.
Holy Spirit told me to write how I got the words above. First He said I want you to write right now on Rich Inner Life. Then I grabbed my pen and paper and wrote the title. The next words..what you see above they just were coming one after the other as I was writing. I didn’t think the words, I didn’t know what was the next word and it was fast.
We see people that really is so empty that when they are alone they don’t know what to do with themselves. We that walk with Holy Spirit- for us is not like that.
There is always life, rivers, a rich something happening in and around us- when alone. Because we are not alone. Something is happening there. Some One is there, with us. Just not visible to the human eye.
Live like this every day my friends!

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