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Acting the specific word

May 22, 2015

Exodus 16:4-29
God gave very specific instructions to His people about the manna. He said this was to demonstrate whether or not they would live by his instructions. Verse 4.

He told them to gather the bread from heaven for 6 consecutive days and in the 6th day to gather double, because there was not going to be any on the next day.

He told them that they could not save the manna for the next day (except on the specific 6th day).

But these people got it all wrong. They mixed and matched orders of God however they wanted.

On the day they were not supposed to save for the next day, they did saved it. Verse 6 and 19.
They didn’t gather double portions on the 6th day, verse 28, and
On the day they they were not supposed to go out to get manna, they went out to get it. Verse 27.

We can see that is not all people that did this. Some were paying attention and did listen and obey the specific instruction. Some did not pay attention and the manna they saved for the next day went bad. Verse 20.Those that did not gather double manna on the 6th day went out on the 7th to look for it, and of course they found none. But how would they know that, they had not been listening. It skipped their ears and they got used to repeat an action and without thinking they wanted to go on the 7th day and do the same thing they had been doing the whole week and by now it was a custom. They got used to keep a routine.

There should be no routines with God, but only the lead of Holy Spirit. We need to be open, aware and pay a delicate and sensitive attention to Him and His direction.
These were not commandments for the people of God to be kept forever. These were very specific God given instructions for their every day life at that time. And God demonstrated that they couldn’t obey simple every day instructions.

1st Cor.10:11 tells us that
These things happened to them to serve as an example, and they were written down as a warning for us in whom the culmination of the ages has been attained.

We need to live sensitive to God, acknowledging His Presence and being soft in our heart, to listen to Him, to His very specific word for any given situation.

Those people that gathered manna on the 6th day for that day and for the God had ordered, their manna didn’t go bad. Verse 24.

That was supernatural and God doing something to teach us. To teach us that if we follow His instructions, supernatural results we shall have. It was the same food, the same desert, same conditions and same weather.

Why in saving the manna one day…it goes bad
And why in saving it another day it’s perfectly edible?
The difference is not intellectually explainable.

..and on the 7th day there was
none. No manna. So no one could ever say that an atmospheric phenomena had brought this on. I don’t know of any cloud able to count days, so very accurately that on the 7th (or same)day of the week suspend raining manna, every week periodically. That was a supernatural action from God.

The difference is in the specific instruction of God for that specific given situation and time.
Do not do what this or that well intentioned person says. What has God said?
A tiny little instruction from God will make all the difference.

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