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The Beauty of Simple

May 21, 2015

There is beauty in simple. There is so much peace in simplicity. Being like a child: pure, trusting, loving and tender. What care do you see in children? They know they are taken care of and that all is provided. They enjoy their time more than a bussy adult that runs runs all the time. The more simple, the more beautiful and enjoyable life is. God’s rays of Light can penetrate easier and deeper in a life that is simple and joyful. We need to become like little children more. Let’s not think rigid. In God’s kingdom the greatest is the humblest. Like children. We do not owe to people. We are eternally in debt to Our King, Savior and Lord Jesus!

Stop, pause, take a time to enjoy life happening around you. Breath beauty in, take a pace and enjoy the sun or a sunset or the view or the walk in a mountain or nature. Go to the park if you live far from nature. If one has God inside we can find the small little details that make life a pure fountain of pleasure all around.

God didn’t make us high competing, high achieving machines. If He had wanted that, we all would be i-robots right now. What did Adam and Eve do in their very short stay at the garden? They enjoyed their time. Let’s run less and enjoy more. In the middle of serving God. We don’t have to stop serving Him. It’s in the middle of doing exactly what He wants you to be doing, that we have an inner calmness, a peace, a rest to catch and click with that tiny little detail happening around you at that moment in time -that would have been missed if we are not sensitive, simple and humble as a child. It’s more an attitude of seing things more simple -than doing or not doing.

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