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Positive Focus

May 21, 2015

If you focuse your eyes on good (positive), good will find you.

Not only you will find good- good will run to meet you in your way.

Mathew 6:22

If your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light

Our Lord said the words above.

I want to be full of light. God is light. I want to be full of God.

A “good” eye is a healthy eye. A “good” eye is a positive eye.

The eye means here…the way in which we see things. The way we think. Setting our eyes means to center the focus of our attention or thoughts on something.

Set your eyes only on positive things (Phil 4:8), then you will find beauty everywhere.

How you see things, is how things will be for you. As a man thinks so is he. God has placed His creative nature inside of us. Our thoughts create things into physical manifestation.

Think only positive of yourself, when you are alone and at all times. Then you will find you are beautiful and then you will be able to see the beauty in everyone.

If you choose to see the good in people, you will see it and find it.

If you set your eyes on God’s glory- guess what is going to happen?! The same! His glory will come and meet you in your way.

It’s only fair to teach in whole and not in part. Some people before they can see, they will need deliverance. In those cases they can be a wonderful person and it is not about them not getting it or not memorizing…this is not about memorizing or repeating. This is not a mind thing, it’s a spirit Life. It’s pure Life that springs out of a heart. But for some people…they are not able until they get freed from the claws of evil invisible beings. It is very real, people! We need the whole gospel operating to be able to really serve people the way Jesud did.

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