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Grace in Sacrificing

May 20, 2015

When we sacrifice something, giving it to God there is pain. It’s a certain small underlying pain. We don’t have what we gave to God, it’s missing. But there comes His grace to meet us on a deep level. And the trust in God that comes, knowing that since He knows best, He will do according to His will. Why holding, why trying to keep on to something. I crave, it passes wanting, I need only the will of God in my life. I trust God enough to say..whatever His will..that is exactly, nothing more, nothing less, that is exactly what I want. Sure, it feels that you do not have what you gave to God anymore. Because you actually gave it to Him. But there is His grace that comes in a powerful way to meet you. It’s living supernaturally. Trust in Him is stronger than ever before. He knows what is best. In giving to Him we are doing and saying to Him more than what we realize. It’s like saying God…be God in my life. I choose not, but You do. That is trust, that is surrendering, that is what Jesus did right before going to the cross. Not my will but Your will oh Lord. Your will only in my life.

Why having something that one really really wanted If God is not in the middle of it? I don’t want anything God is not in it.

God’s ways and principles to receive is to give first. Knowing this..we know that He will bless us and give us multiplied many more times bigger, better, more than what we gave Him. We don’t sacrifice to Him wanting what we gave back.

What God gives is never equal to what we left there, at His altar.

He will not give in proportion. His blessing is beyond anything we could ever give Him. I have seen it around from people that sacrificed ALL  to Him and what He gave them was above and beyond in relation to what they gave Him. He opens up the windows of heaven to pour an inimaginable blessing for those that sacrifice to Him, really giving all from their hearts. I have seen it and heard it directly many times. Like the example our Lord left us,  Jesus being One Son of God…He did the ultimate one time for all eternity perfect sacrifice and now God has many millions of sons.

For what I have seen from people around..sacrificially giving to God releases the hand of God to bring mighty supernatural miracles, to do the impossible.. in a way that no one can say but…”It was God! glory to God!” I have heard it directly from their mouths. People for whom He did the impossible.

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