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Women for Christ

May 19, 2015

Never compare your life or yourself with no one else. You are a success in God’s eyes.

Let Holy Spirit in every area of your life. Invite Him in, call on Him, He will come.

Entertain only positive words.

Take care of yourself as if you already were the woman you want to be. Act, feel, see yourself as the woman you want to be. In my case I feel and behave as the missionary I want to be, based on God’s call on my life. Maybe you see yourself as a business woman…feel it, see it happening. Know your value. Beauty comes from the inside out. Take care of your appearance, of what you eat, of your body, do exercise.

You are God’s altar. You are His temple.

Be gentle, kind, compassionate and pleasant to those closest to you. Be supportive of those around you.

Be joyful, organized, clean, dress up, believe in yourself.

Create special moments for those around you with a tiny little detail like placing a flower for example.

We have a list of many wonderful virtues. However there is one thing that we women have to watch. It’s our emotional side. It is extremly important that we completly surrender our emotional side to Holy Spirit for Him to take charge and lead our emotions.

For women in here…specially I dedicate this last part..many-not all-churches tend to have a religious view on women’s attire. What has been overcomed like 100 years ago in certain blessed lands, need to still be conquered here.

Para las mujeres de Cristo. Jesus quiere que su luz brille atraves de ti. Somos bellas de dentro hacia afuera. La verdadera belleza comienza adentro. Pero esto no quiere decir que debemos descuidar nuestra apariencia fisica. Dios quiere que tu belleza interna pase y se note hasta tu exterior. El largo de tu vestido o falda no te hace mas santificada. El no llevar maquillaje no te hace mas santa. El no arreglarte el cabello no te hace mas pura delante de Dios. No es pecado arreglarte y verte bien. Al contrario, ir aseada y bien arreglada da honor a Dios. Todo eso es religion. Es bueno arreglarse, maquillarse, vestirte bien, sentirte bien. Eso es lo que glorifica a Dios.

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