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My Exile

May 19, 2015

God had called me, I had been in ministry, having been sent out as a missionary -along with a few other people from my first original church a long time before. But I was not persuing that path in the previous years to my exile. I was separated from God. I was not in obvious visible sin. All sin is ugly because we are not close to God. What is there more ugly than being far from Him? My sin, though invisible to the physical eye was very visible in the spirit realm and it was death and separation from God. I was into working hard, at times two jobs at the same time, paying bills, and coming home very tired wanting to just rest. I was attending church and even went out every once in a while on a Saturday for outreaches. But my heart was not in it. I was dead. The worse sin is not the outward visible one but spiritual sin. Those that no one sees,  being separeted not unto God but from God. And so I was, wasting time, just living, being a hard worker, and a very good provider. Wasting time from God and for God. Revellious to persuing what once before was so clear..a definite crystal clear call into full time ministry. Having it tasted and experienced before, at that time all that was entirely dead.

Once you know you are called to serve God, you get to do it and then later you get absorved in just a plain life…it will not work out. It doesn’t matter how hard and excellent worker you are. Besides hell knew already of my calling. This is what I believe happened.

If you are obeying God, there is His hand of protection on you. If you are in disobedience…you are not protected. To be in disobedience one does not have to be in big visible sin, just not doing what God called you to do..when there is nothing hindering you is disobeying God.

That condition exposed me to an open door by which I was not aware much less walking in the spirit and I did allow unconsciously the bad, the cathastrophic plan that the devil had planned against me.

And that is how the exile was possible. My disobedience brought it. Whatever we bind on earth will be bound. Whatever we loose will be loosed. We allow or forbid. Weather conscious or unconscious and indirectly. That is the power and authority our Father has placed in us, His children.

I had to come, to be in this situation, to get back right with God. All was stolen from me by the devil. The only thing I didn’t loose is my own person, all else gone. And they wanted that too, but God didn’t let them. He has issued a command to save me and keep me from their hand. And so it is. What God determines…Is.  Had I been as I am today, with God back then, this situation I am coming out of…would have never existed.

There is always hope while in the exile. God is always near. Near to the cry of our heart. When one cries up to God from the bottom of your heart, He hears. He hears any prayer from a sincere heart wanting Him. It is then He starts to set in motion a change. A miracle. To turn everything around.

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  1. May 19, 2015 5:13 pm

    Great stuff!

    I have a feeling that you may be interested in blog about God though –

    cheers – Jack

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