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Our Living Example

May 18, 2015

When we do not grow with godly examples to follow…count yourself blessed. Follow the lead of the Spirit.  I am not talking about the godly wonderful great leaders God has placed over us in the Body. I’m talking that sometimes there is things that a family should teach you, every day life simple little examples. Some of us had to pierce through and depend more on Holy spirit to be taught directly from Him some of those little things. Let Him lead you, Let Him live through you. Let Him teach you, He is the Teacher, let Him guide your way, He is The WAY. Not a better way to do things than His way!

When you do not have an exmple to follow- that’s a wondeful opportunity to learn directly from Holy Spirit. Where there is no path to follow, trust Holy Spirit to make the path through and with you- even for those small little every day things.Depend on HIm. He is reliable. My heart is so broken before God right now…so full of thanks. Thanks for the way that was thrown at me. Some time ago I could have never imagined that I could have ever been so deeply thankful for such a path I had to conquer. Glory to God in the highest!

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