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Let Christ be formed in us.

May 18, 2015

Many people want to “be in the ministry”, and some people that are already “in the ministry” around the world  have never fully allowed Holy Spirit to do a deep work in their heart. Serving God is not the same as just having a vocation in life and going to University and preparing for it to later work in that field. Even though this is what some religious organizations exactly do. They treat ministry as a mere career.

To be a minister which means servant…the first thing is allowing Holy spirit to do His work in us.

We are called to represent Him. Each person has to open their eyes and see that this work of Him in us is something that we have to allow Him to do. We crave His work in us, we beg for it, we cry out for Him to come and cleans us inside with His purifying fire and change us and mold us into whom He wants us to be, into whom He needs us to be….the image of Christ.

The “ministry” is not just doing a lot of good works, good things, external actions. That is what any good social work is. We have the Spirit, the Life of God that wants to permeate and transpire through us unto others.  And for that to happen- a work, a special work of Holy spirit must be first done in each one of us individually. Being a minister however long, does not guarantee that this work has taken place inside.

We have to invite Him consciously to do start His work in the heart, in every area of our lives. It takes your will, you knowing that you do have to ask Him for this. Your acknowledging that we need Him for all. It takes giving Him your will and giving Him all. Giving Him all, all you are, all you have and be willing to be molded. Be willing to be changed. Crave the change. Many things that are not of Him will come up to the surface and you will not like them. Let His fire purify you. Trust Him.

Why do we want to keep anything if we do belong to Him and all we want is Him and nothing on earth we want but God alone and other people to love Him the same way. Our whole purpose of existance should be Him, that is the way you should feel if you want to serve Him.

If Christ is not formed in us…why would we want to serve people? To transmit them who we are? We are to transmit only Jesus and nothing else. The issue is that sometimes people are not even aware that they need to be molded and Christ needs to be formed in us. The do not see.

Let your Light Holy Spirit shine strong and let the vails and scales fall from our eyes so.. we all see, and cry out to You, so You will do your work in each one of us.

God I give myself fully to You, I need You, without You I want nothing, without You I am nothing. I give myself to You without limitations, without mesure, because I trust You my Father ruling in heaven. Do your work in me. Pass the limited word of submission, beyond my consecration to You, I leave myself at Your altar! Holy Spirit take charge, mold me and supernaturally change me, You have my heart Father in heaven. It is Yours. I belong to You. Glorify Your Name, exalt the Name of Jesus, use me Lord.

Use me to be Your loving heart on the earth, use me to love those that wanted me worse than dead..change me, purify me, form Christ in me, my Beautiful Daddy in heaven. I so love You, my Life is You. I need You Holy Spirit. As is in heaven, let it be on earth, in my life. Your will be done on earth-in my life- just as it is in heaven. I fully surrender to You- my God….my God…my God….how Beautiful are YOU.

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