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Choose to be Beautiful

May 18, 2015

We choose to cut all and any negative word about yourself and others, being said and even thought. Saying and thinking negative words makes us ugly, even from people that supposedly deserve it or have wronged us. Choose to be beautiful. Valuing yourself and others. Choose to be tender and compassionate toward others. Ask Holy Spirit to create this in you (I had asked Him to love my enemies through me, to place His love for my enemies in me), then one day when you less think you find yourself transformed by His grace that will have formed this in you and then without thinking that’s who you will have becomed. This is an actual work of Holy Spirit in our heart, if you are willing and let Him do it. Please, do not despise what cannot be seen. For a miracle has taken place. You, dear reader have no idea what evil plot wanted to come against me, neither what was done against me. Not a small thing, but in the light of His grace it cannot inside of my heart be seen. Forgiveness has been created and there is love and compassion for those who hated me. It is done. It is a work of The mighty Spirit of God, for who would be able but Him alone to create such a cleanness in a heart..but only Him alone!

If the love poured in my heart has matched their defeated evil plots…

Then I won from the beginning. Love is big in my heart. who won but me alone. Praise God. God foresaw it all would work out at the. end (which is nothing but the beginning). He proofs His Word to be the Truth. 1st Corinthians 10:13. God turns the negative around to bless us with it. Romans 8:28. God has changed all curse into blessing, Galatians 3:13.

If I died today..I can say I’d die a conqueror, a success, an overcomer!

We don’t need to see them back down first. A major spiritual work has been done. It is a reality in the spirit world. It can be seen there. If you, if we get in the spirit, we too can see it clearly.

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