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No Shortcuts

May 18, 2015

There is no shortcuts and no cheating with the things of God. Some want books to see if they can learn what cannot be “learned” any other way but by fully surrendering to the Holy Spirit of God. The work of Holy Spirit is not something one learns intellectually and then applyies in practice. Those ways are the intellectual ways of the world we live in. There is a higher education if we can call it that. I will not be irreverent. There is a higher road. The paths of The Spirit. My ways are higher than your ways has God said to us. Let’s find out which are those ways and follow them, and separate His ways from those of this world. Holiness is not only not sinning…holiness is the fear, the awe, the respect, the extreme reverence that should spring out of our hearts into our every way of doing things…from our interaction with the world to how we behave and even how we move and stand up and or bow down in front of God, when alone and in church. All should be filled with reverence unto The Lord our God.

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