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Sacrificing to God

May 17, 2015

We have wrongly learned to believe that God does not want any sacrifice from us. Sacrificing is giving to God.

Hosea 6:6

For I desire mercy and not sacrifice,
And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings. 

God was telling them that He rather had them living a godly life and knowing Him than only doing the empty action of sacrificing, giving Him  something out of an empty action without their heart in it. He is the same today. We can go to church and give an offering but He is interested in us giving Him that offering FROM a loving and rejoicing heart.

God does not want us to live a life of doing empty actions where- from the outside all looks  like we are doing the right thing..but our heart is not in it. That’s the description of religion.

1st Sam. 15:22 NIV

“Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices
    as much as in obeying the Lord?
To obey is better than sacrifice,
    and to heed is better than the fat of rams.

God looks at the heart. Why doing something for Him  if  your heart is not in it? It’s better not to do it.

We do not sacrifice animals on an altar today. Jesus as The Lamb of God chose to sacrifice Himself being God..and His sacrifice was powerful and able enough to make us right with God forever.

But we do sacrifice today. When do we sacrifice and how?

God is in heaven. He has a throne and in the throne room there is an altar. We leave what we give Him, there at that altar. We do it by faith, it’s a real action, a real action in the spirit.

So  what do we place on His altar? It depends on the situation and of what is He leading you to do, but if you really want something…

Give to God what is most important to you. Leave it there. But when you do give Him something, really give it. Die to it, as if it does not exist for you anymore. Give it to him and let it die there. Do not worry, if  what you left there is from God for you, He will give it back to you. As He shows us in the example with Abraham and Isaac. But we really need to do leave  it there and forget about it. Not thinking about that anymore. Actually think and act as if  you do not have that anymore. And if it was never meant for you to have it..know, rest and trust- assuredly that God has something better in mind for you. That is confidence in God. The altar shows TRUST in God! The altar is about trully dieying to that thing that we are placing there to give it to God. Do not worry..if it was God Who place it in your heart to begin with…He will safely keep it and give it back  to you.

I would like to make a clear remark here for my reader friends that may not be part of the people of God yet and may not know this…

There is so much missunderstanding and ignorance about the word sacrifice. God does not cause suffering. He will never bring bad things for us to learn. He can use the bad thrown at us and turn  it for our good, yes. Suffering is not sacrificing. Sacrificing is not suffering. Actually in the Old Testament we see great party around the animal sacrificed, and rejoicing. Neither is sacrificing to God what we see in those movies about religious monks beating themselves up…when people beat themselves… that is not Sacrificing and certainly God opposes such practices.

Even when we leave something that we really want at His altar. We do not suffer because His grace comes and meets us wonderfully! All want and desire for what we left at the altar is removed. It is living supernaturally by grace! Christian life is to be lived in the Spirit, if not is merely a religion. It may cost your flesh to give it at first. Just obey God. He will not ask you to give what you don’t have.

Trust God. The more we give Him the more we will have. Sacrificing is giving to God. Give yourself to God. Place yourself at His altar. That is a sure way to be protected from enemies also, you will be in God’s very hand, no one will be able to touch you. For who can dare touching God! Now you belong to God.

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