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Royal Bodyguards

May 17, 2015

I go everywhere with not small escort of my angels. They are invisible but I can sense them around me very close sometimes. Sometimes it’s as if I can sense their gear equipment rustlig with the wind that is made from them walking, as they walk by- with me. They walk in authority, as one that has authority. Then they pass it to me. It’s like a royal escort. we all walk as having authority. We turn together, we move together, they go around me. It sure makes me feel protected! Imagine that! Big, tall and powerful beings walking around with you where you go! Being there for you. For your protection, for your help!

Open our eyes Lord so we can see in the Spirit around us more often. This prayer was prayed over me when I went to a pastor some time ago. Later another pastor said..for me to pray it.  We are surrounded and protected. God has not left us here alone to fight! He made sure to provide and equip us with all we would ever need.

Open our eyes oh Lord! To see how many are with us. For there is more with us than against us.

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