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May 17, 2015

Living for God requires to separate yourself from the world. Separation can be physical but most of the time is a spiritual separation. You can be in the same place but not being a part of..since we don’t have the same vision. The world doesn’t know the reality of how things really are since they lack insight of the spirit world..what is there to be shared with them?

To consecrate yourself to God is to place your whole being in Him. To give your all to Him. To give your spirit, soul and body to Him. To allow God to work within you without restrictions and limitations. All you want is to live for Him and to glorify Him with your life and serve Him.

To belong to a church or even to be a christian is not synonymous of  living a consecrated life unto God.

He wants all His people to live separated, consecrated lives for His glory. But He leaves that to each of you. To want more of God, to keep seeking Him is up to each one of us.

Put in us a hunger for seeking You Father..

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