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A Strong Woman

May 17, 2015

To be a strong woman, you don’t have to try to change the wonderful nature God has given you. You can be strong and keep your nature. You don’t have to “become” a man to try to be strong. Our strength is in the spirit. We, women can be tender, soft and special as God has made us, while being strong in spirit. Being delicate does not mean being weak. Part of the grace and beauty God has placed in women is our delicate and sweet side. Being graceful and sweet will never mean not being strong. Women today think they have to compete and behave as masculine as they can. A woman can be a spiritual warrior but she has a side men will not have. It’s that feminine side. It’s the heart of God manifested on her nature. The world has given the Church the example of what a woman should be like but God has made men and women different, equally important and with different responsabilities of the same job to compliment and help, not to compete. Men and women are different and neither group is called or expected to be like the other. We are all spirits but when it comes to our human side we are two different groups.  We are called to compliment and help each other not to compete or try to demonstrate who is the strongest or better one.

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