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God is your ROCK and your FORTRESS

May 17, 2015

Some times I see and hear these wonderful ministers….that have wonderful parents serving God, in ministry also. And that is great. I used to think that I would have wanted a path less difficult and with more support from those closest around me.

But starting to glimpse on the end result…I don’t know. I am greatful that all worked together for my good. If when we are in the middle of the journey we just would get a glimpse at the final outcome…we would be able to even enjoy the trip way more. I am thankful. I am thankful that I did allow God to work in my heart. So many would have stayed at one point and say this is enough. I leave it and I will be bitter. Then they loose.

I consider myself blessed because I endured and by God’s grace He could use all and change me and change it into a blessing. Harder than with support from at least one person? Yes, I used to want to have had an eassier way, more comfortable, surrounded by supporting people. They themselves..said that were going to make my way really not easy at one point. But…I don’t know which one I’d choose since that extreme hardship served me a wonderful cleansing, clearing, growing purpose. So what they intended to bring on me to harm me, God did turned around to bless me. The very thing! God will never bring bad staff. But He can sure  turn it around to bless us IF we keep a right heart and inner attitude.  I am an overcomer! If all this served me to be this resiliant in God and trust Him. The outcome is something to be rejoicing and giving God the glory.

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