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Unity in the Spirit

May 15, 2015

I can worship God among people that worship without music (worshipping starts in the heart and it’s accompanied by music, the same way that just plain music is not necessarily worshipping. And certain music- all by itself can be worship). And I can worship Him in the company of a full african loud church, as was the case tonight! I had a blast! It was a party! Really, what a meeting! There was such deep interaction of God and each person. At least, there was, between God and me. As we begun…

God started to form in my spirit, because this was not said in words to me…it was one of those times in which He speaks to me in 3D. Even though later He did speak several words..some I will share now if He allows.

So, God started showing me that He was woving ways, pathways..later on the minister would say God was making ways where there was no way…repeatedly…from The Spirit…you had to be there. One of those moments one cannot put in words…I’m talking about the whole meeting. What a mighty blessing!

It was a prayer meeting. But one in which God was alive and interacting. How am I so sure? Because He was telling me things and not too long after they would be heard from the minister’s mouth, the one leading (if we can say that…since it was very obvious Who was in charge and leading was Holy Spirit) this happened time after time the whole meeting.

He started praying about destiny and that all hindrances and all evil to hinder destiny would be tonight demolished and so it was. This was not a meeting where people open their mouth and say something while having their mind somewhere else and call it praying. This was intense. Every one was into it. Whole, spirit, soul and body! Reaching the heart of The Father in His throne. The heavens were opened (this was one of those things that I knew and was pretty obvious and later would be heard from the person in front) it was a refreshing experience!  We all did something. Something happened there. Something actually happened!

It was The Spirit of The Lord.

It was intense, however there would be a time in which, without stopping of being a part of it..Jesus came in front of me and talked directly with me, holding my hands.

After a very strong, anointed prayer, we praised strong in the Spirit for what God did, removing hindrances to our destinies. Ordering every evil word said against our destiny to be destroyed Tonight.

The sincronicity was something I hadn’t seen in a very long time, what a joyful pleasure…we all in agreement, were being moved by The Sirit to pray,to sing, to go as really being lead by an Invisible very Present Leader.

I had no idea this word..Destiny..that God has been speaking latetly would  be the main focus of the anointed prayer.

Toward the end of the middle, we were worshipping deep. God said to me…”raise your hand, I am going to heal it”. What a rich meeting! More than what I can express in words was imparted in my spirit. So…I did raise my left hand. Really, really tall to the heavens, as high as I could, as and in praising Him. We, I kept worshipping strong. After a while I kind of let the arn and hand soon as I did.. God told me “who told you to put your hand down?”. So I immediatly and as fast as I could raised it back again. The next time I lowered, all by itself, I heard there were a couple of crack sounds from my hand..without me doing absolutly Nothing!! I won’t say..from it adjusting itself because it was God that healed it directly. He is our Healer. The hand feels healed. The hand IS healed! Something happened tonight and it goes well beyond the wonderful healing of the hand.

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