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How can we measure if we love our enemies?

May 15, 2015

How can I know if I really, trully love my enemies?

One way that I found out, is by this..

We love our enemies when we do ask God sincerelly, from the bottom of our heart, to please intervine so they do not go to hell, begging Him, with weight in our heart, pleading for them because just the thought of any one of them being there eternally, hurts our very depths.

Many have enemies, some more than others. Some enemies, as with many things in life-come with different intensities. Some people would not be able to handle very vicious, cruel enemies. However, God’s grace is there for each one of us, to deal in the exact measure that things come in our way.

We can say, we are free, we are healed on a soul and spirit level, when we do sincerelly love our enemies. It won’t matter with what they tried to come up against you! When you are Free, you are free to love them.

He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!:-D

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