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God’s Presence

April 7, 2014

Please  to all who read this..propagate, pass this on. Start doing it yourselves and tell everybody about doing this. It is something very simple. Do it with your 3 yr olds, teach them to sing along the beautiful and powerful Word of the Living God.

I hope that by reading this you get encouraged and desire springs forth  in your heart and you purpose to do this in front of your people in your church, ask your pastor.

You have been praising God since ever. Start this little variation.

This is what God wants us to have now.  God wants to bring His Presence in our midst. He wants us to have Him in our meetings and every where you go, not as an exception but as the rule, as in every day, all the time, everywhere. He wants to be there,  be here with you and in your every day life.

This is what I spoke on March 6th.

Teach a little and practice most of the time. By practice I mean sing with all your heart and lead all present to worship God in our midst with all intensity of heart.

All  sing the same verse at the same time. You lead in front, the real leader is God in you.

Teach them to do this every day in their personal time with God and also do it in the meetings, all together.

1 Corinthians 1:27-29 God chose the lowly, despised, foolish and weak to bring to nothing the things that are- so no one has any way to boast before Him.

2 Corinthians 4:7 We have this great treasure in clay vessels to show that all power is from God and not from us.

2 Sam. 6:16 Michal, David’s wife despised him for looking silly praising his God with all his heart.

Let’s not care how we look or sound to others when we are worshipping our King please. Put that aside of your head. Just worship Him with all in you. Then no thought can even come except worshipping Him.

We have the 5 ministries working today equiping the Church of Jesus. The ministry of worshipping God  is eternal. Not only for our time while on earth but we’ll be doing this forever. Isn’t that wonderful?

We need the leading of the Holy Spirit to do this the right way.

We have a lot of knowledge of God’s Word and fellowship with the Holy Spirit and now God the Father wants to be in our midst.

Worshipping God brings His Presence here and now. A sign of His Presence is fullness of joy. Psalm 16:11.

Why we need His Presence? What we have with God is not a religion but a direct living union. There is various degrees of His Presence. There is a place where we can get to feel that we can almost touch Him. He is there, He is alive and our spirits touch the living God.

Benefists of His Presence

-It renews, refreshes us. Acts 3:19

-His Presence is the anointing that bakes the yoke. Isaiah 10:27. That oil that flows into us and fills us with joy, with love and brings healing and miracles.

-Strenght. This joy of His Presence makes us strong. Neh. 8:10

-It’s in His Presence we become intimate with God. It is there where we get to become friends and get to know Him.

-It’s a deliverance weapon. Acts 16:17-40. Paul and Silas had cast a divination spirit and the owners of the girl seeing their income lost…got upset – and had Paul and Silas incarcerated using their influence with authorities. So Paul and Silas were put into jail and not just anywhere, but the most secure place in jail, the most inner part, problably dark and with no windows and stinky and maybe even with rats and all. They secured their feet as if being there was not enough.  And what did Paul and Silas do?  They started praying and singing and praising God. And there was an earthquacke and the jail’s foundations shook and doors were opened and chains loosened.

Yes…that powerful.

When we worship, angels are released to excecute God’s word, obeying the commands of God. Pslm 103:20

Pslm 149:6-9

the Bible tells us to sing a “new song” Pslm 33:3

We need to sing spiritual songs Ephesians 5:19, songs in the spirit and songs with the understanding. Ps 47:7

1 Corinthians 14:15  We will sing in the spirit and with the understanding.

John 4:24 those that worship Him need to do so in spirit and in truth.

Our prayers are a substance with sweet smell (like perfume to God…What perfume do you like? Christian Dior? Carolina Herrera?- well, to God, our prayers are like better than your favorite perfume…isn’t that sweet!?)  And I’m sure these substances are visible and colorful to Him also. revelation 5:18. God is the greatest there is. A type of prayer is worshipping, it is the most intimate type of prayer.

How to worship:

Pslm 86:12 With ALL our hearts, forever.

Ps 138:1, Ps 9:1, Ps 111.1

We enter His gates with Praise. Pslm 100:4

If we want to access the most intimate place with God- His real Presence…we get there by worshipping Him.

We praise Him for what He has done Ps. 150:2

We worship Him for Who He IS. We adore Him. It’s easy and it just flows out of a heart that is in love with God.

We need to surrender to the Holy Spirit. Let Him guide and take over the singing we are about to do.

-If we live in the Spirit, let’s also sing in the spirit. Gal 5:25

-Let’s worship God in the beauty of His holiness. Ps. 86:9, Ps.29:2

Ps 105:3

Lets practice now…

As an example we are going to sing today revelation 7:12 (this is what I did that day. There is a longer list if you look in my older posts , the one under the title”prophetic inspired worship”. Grab any of those verses. Grab all one by one. Take your time with each one. If you are lead to, sing for as long as God wants to sing just one verse, for a year if He wants you to.)

We can sing any praise from God’s Word. There is many. Rev 1:18. Rev 2:8, Philipians 2:9-10.

Let’s start…

Let’s grab our Bible as if it was an himnary. Let’s sing inspired by the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to give you the melody.

Let’s repeat verse 12 of Rev chapter 7 over and over again. (this is a good thing to have no end…)

The Word has power- it is released by itself.

Let’s sing with all our hearts toward God. Forget who is around you.


The person leading all people, doesn’t need to be a praise leader. All people in the assemply should sing the same verse at the same time. It will be easy since  Holy Spirit will coordinate, not you. And the melody will come out of your spirit and all will follow it easy also.

And we all ….let’s do this everyday alone with our Daddy-King of Kings. Yes? Thanks.

More of God on the earth means a lot of good things and less ugliness around. Let’s bring His Presence down people. It’s up to us since He has already done all.

Love and joy to all.











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