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March 5, 2014

I want to share with you the little word I shared last Sunday.

I live in a continent where the culture tends to be very non-giving. And that attitude passes even inside the church. Even  though in our very small church we know and practice giving with joy -I was releasing words into the place around.  In 2 Chronicles 31:5  ISV says.. As the word spread around, the people gave generously. I want to spread the word so people gives generously.

Genesis 1:11-12

11 And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants[e]yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth.” And it was so.12 The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

God created the earth with a seed principle. All is to reproduce after its kind.

God is a giver.  It is His very nature. He gave His only Son …so He would have millions of sons. (John 3:16) We have God’s nature in us. We need to be like our Father.

The world specially this area of the world thinks that in order to have they have to keep and save, to retain. God says if you want to receive…give.

If we need something, God’s way to provide it for us, is for us to give that first. Do we need love? Give love. Do we need money? Give money. All that men sows, that he will reap. (Gal.6:7) be it money, love, service to God.

God doesn’t need our money. He just wants to bless us. Psalm 50:12 says that if God was humgry or had any need He would not tell us because His is the entire world and all that is in it. But because He created the seed and harvest cicle He wants to bless us, by us obeying and giving.  He needs that open channel by which to bless us. It is not about amounts but its about the attitude of our hearts.

God doesn’t think like the world does. We need to not comform to the world and or culture around us but to renew our minds with God’d Word to comform to the Kingdom of God. (Rom 12:2)

God wants to open the windows of heaven and pour out blessing so there is no room enough to contain it. We can test this He says, by giving the tithe and offerings. He even will rebuke the devour for us. (Mal. 3:10-11)

Money is spiritual and we need money to spread the Gospel  and the work of God around the earth. This church should be self sustained. (our little church is supported -by the secular job of the pastor- as so many of the churches in this country. By supported I mean the secular job pays most of the bills and the rent).

We need to give with faith. Give with expectative. Giving with joy happens because we have faith in what God says about giving. Giving knowing, convinced that more money is on the way. God is faithful to His Word to fullfil it and He loves a cheerful giver. Even though at the time we may not see from where, we trust in God and rejoice in faith.


We had a conversion last Sunday, the wife of a new brother that converted a month ago here. Praise God!

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