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Mahesh Chavda-Glory of God

January 13, 2013

God’s power is stronger than all his enemies put together. God halts what the enemy means to do.

And for that enemy, that doesn’t even know me…one of the many the main instigator has eaten their minds with twisted lies…(in order to manipulate them and cause them to do what they wanted).

…do not do what you are planning on trying to do after you come back from India. There’s laws of which you may not know about. I don’t want you to hurt yourself. All that you do comes back at you. So don’t do this against yourself. Look at the one that has put that in your head. This person has an evil heart and has taken the evil task of sabotaging my life for many years. And you know how this person has paid in their own body. So stop and think a lil. And do not bring the same on you. You cannot escape from spiritual laws. And if what you are panning on doing comes back at you, it will only bring a lot of suffering to you. Stop and do not do it. All that a man saws a man will reap.
I know this person pretends so well. Its a manipulative psycopathic sadistic person able to plan the most cruel situations. But to you and many others this person has not shown themselves as they trully are. This person can even appear as a nice pleasant person. But that is a deception of their proyection to others. Just stop and re-think before what you try doing comes back at you by your own hand.

For those of us in the faith…
we know that all opposition against the children of God is of spiritual origin.

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